Saturday, December 15, 2007

the most enthusiastic narrator

so last year your classmates put on a “performance night” and you absolutely, positively REFUSED to take part in it in any way, shape, or form. so we went, and you watched from the audience with mariah and me. this year, as it approached, you began by saying “no way”, then one day i learned that you had finally agreed to be a narrator. we were excited for you, but a bit nervous that you might change your mind at the last minute, or get shy and quiet when your time came to talk. you are NOT a big fan of doing things you don’t want to do, or doing things someone else’s way. as the days got closer, you got more and more excited about it, and told us you needed some “spiffy” clothes (you really like getting dressed up and looking nice). so dad obliged and you got a very dapper outfit. you looked like a million bucks. on the way there, dad coached you a bit, reminding you of the importance of projecting your voice. we didn’t know there would be a microphone for you. your turn came, and i held my breath for a second. your sweet voice BOOMED into the mic, and some of us in the audience jumped a bit. but you were perfect. your voice was loud and clear, your enunciation superb-- and you were hilarious to boot. at one point, you looked down to read your lines and heard your voice get quiet as you weren’t speaking into the mic. you interrupted yourself and said “what the... oh...” and then clarified to all of us “i stopped talking because my microphone stopped working”-- then carried on. you were awesome. afterwards, you got up and took a bow with everyone, then ran back to the mic and said “that play TOTALLY rocked!!!”. you, my sweet prince, were the star of the show.